Becoming a mother was the catalyst that caused my love of photography to blossom.

I started my journey into photography as a hobby after my second child was born. I wanted to document everything: her first gummy smile, her first wobbly steps, and everything in between and after. I poured myself into documenting the special moments in my daughter´s life whole heartedly. In the process I started to learn not only the technical details that make a competent photographer, but also how to record my daughter´s milestones in unique ways that showed a new angle on moments that are too often captured by parents in only blurry snapshots or their hazy memories.

My style of photography is casual and un-posed. I believe that the best images are captured when people are being themselves and unaware of the camera. Looking back across your own personal photographs, you might find that the images you enjoy most of yourself are those that were taken when you were at your most relaxed, unaware that an image was being recorded. These are the moments I capture – the moments I preserve…you as you really are.

I love to photograph children and i am constantly inspired by my three young girls.

Capturing the raw beauty and innocence of children -- mine and others -- is a complete rush!